ISO 27001 : 2013 Certified Company

Keys to our success

How We Produce Better Results

  • Our coders are excellent graduates with a degree in Nursing, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy and from other fields of Medical science.
  • We have separate coding teams for specialties like, HCC, HEDIS, ED coding, Radiology coding, Surgery coding, Lab and Pathology coding, other out-patient coding, inpatient coding.
  • Our coders have thorough knowledge and expertise in their specialty coding and thus exhibit high level accuracy coding due to their expertise in that particular specialty.
  • Our billing team is an experienced lot as they have worked with more than 20 leading billing softwares.
  • We provide a detailed monthly report with the AR claims status, collected amount, unapplied payments and reasons, adjustments.
  • We will not do any write-offs without our client’s approval.
  • Over the years Medryte has been showered with accolades by many of its clients for its work flexibility.
  • Medryte is proud of its state of the art infrastructure with an advanced IT setup with high speed lease line internet back up, server, etc helps us to deliver the goods promptly.