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Trump Administration Encourages Reopening of Healthcare Facilities | Record spikes in new coronavirus cases, hospitalisations sweep parts of US | WHO chief warns of a ‘resurgence’ as over 100,000 cases have been reported worldwide each day over the past two weeks | AMA – Doctors To Work To End Police Brutality, Racism In Healthcare| CMS warns nursing homes against seizing residents’ stimulus checks|

Billing News

UHC: Extensions of Existing Prior Authorizations

The following prior authorization provisions apply to all Individual and Group Market health plans, and Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. A 90-day extension, based on original authorization date, of open and approved prior authorizations with an end date or date of service between March 24, 2020 and May 31, 2020, for services at any care […]


New Stark Waivers and More Flexibility to Health Care Providers by CMS

Hospitals and other health care providers can receive doctors’ services or rent equipment (or vice versa) by paying above or below fair market value. For instance, a practicing doctor can willingly rent or sell any necessary equipment to a hospital at a cheaper price than the usual rates. Similarly, a hospital can provide space in […]


Changes in NCDs for respiratory devices

Maximum flexibility in determining the needs of patients for respiratory related devices and equipment and the flexibility for more number of patients for home treatments have been provided for clinicians. The current NCDs and LCDs that restrict coverage of these devices and services to patients with certain clinical characteristics do not apply during the public […]


CMS Signature Requirements- New Guideline

CMS is waiving signature and proof of delivery requirements for Part B drugs and Durable Medical Equipment when a signature cannot be obtained because of the inability to collect signatures. Suppliers should document in the medical record the appropriate date of delivery and that a signature was not able to be obtained because of COVID-19.


New Guideline for Group Practices on scan/lab services

Hospitals are under more pressure than ever to reduce costs. A recent Kaufman Hall analysis of about 800 hospitals found a 21.3% decline in operating margins


Changes to MIPS

se in EBITDA operating margins between November 2018 and the same month in 2019. While the results varied regionally, the message was clear — many hospital decision-makers