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Trump Administration Encourages Reopening of Healthcare Facilities | Record spikes in new coronavirus cases, hospitalisations sweep parts of US | WHO chief warns of a ‘resurgence’ as over 100,000 cases have been reported worldwide each day over the past two weeks | AMA – Doctors To Work To End Police Brutality, Racism In Healthcare| CMS warns nursing homes against seizing residents’ stimulus checks|


2020’s beginning had marked the most significant challenge for us, mainly the entrepreneurs, running our business to question our revenue – Yes, it’s the pandemic threat of Coronavirus, which has caused an unexpected lockdown worldwide. We are a USA based healthcare BPO company and our staff started working from home since last 2 weeks, and it wasn’t comfortable either in handling since the initial two days were very challenging. But, yes, we worked on it positively, and now it’s all resolved, and we’re able to render uninterrupted services to our clientele. In this article, I’d like to share my experience and suggestions for business continuity during this COVID-19 crisis situation.


We, as business leaders, owe a lot of responsibilities and can’t be sure of when this situation ends to resume the usual work. Of course, we have to be mentally prepared for revenue losses in the coming days or months. However, the commitments like employee salaries, retaining the customers and employees are the unavoidable or mandatory responsibilities that are placed on us right now. As a business leader, we must face these obstacles optimistically and continue progressing towards the growth and development of the company. Here I share a few suggestions on how we can face this unpredictable situation smartly and keep going towards our goals.


STAY POSITIVE amongst all this negativity spreading globally. With all the negative and distressing news that we hear and see about COVID-19, it’s so apparent that everyone, including business owners like us, will be filled with doubts and insecurities regarding the income, expenses, and other things. But it’s necessary to stay positive and motivating amidst this crisis and mindful enough not to pass this negativity to our employees. Working from home with family around, they will be already under pressure and questions running in their mind about the future and monetary needs. So, this is the time to use our leadership skills efficiently and retain our employees by encouraging them with positive words and instil the team spirit within them. We, at Medryte and Breezen Technologies, while working on night shifts, are having team group calls at the end of the day and have exciting discussions about everything about the global crisis and how we can overcome it wisely. Therefore, this is the time when we stop sharing about losses/failures and start boosting them up to work more effectively during this period.


HELP YOUR CLIENTS as much as you can during this critical pandemic period.


In times of great need, it’s the ability to work with and for your clients to help them through their individual challenges that builds trust and loyalty. Keep on updating them with all the latest information about the industry and provide innovative solutions to overcome this crisis situation. This is the best time to utilise and prove yourself as a pioneer in your own industry.


DIGITAL MARKETING is the next criteria to remain constant in your venture by keeping on promoting and searching for new clients sitting in your table behind closed doors during this COVID-19 crisis. Keep yourself updated about all the latest trends and development in your industry and transcribe the knowledge gained with your customers, thereby giving them a sense of hope and courage to come out of this threat.


KEEP LOOKING FOR OPPORTUNITIES during this lockdown period and make use of it. When the entire world is under the threat of economic depression and with many companies shutting down, there are lots of global clients looking out for services, and hence we can utilize this time and rise above all odds. Instead of opting just for long-term projects, I’d advise even to take up short-term or small projects, so that it’d reassure the clients about our work and we can keep the money inflow too, to pay our employees.


There is a saying that the great leaders emerge during crisis situations. Therefore, we as a business leaders should lead during this time, take quick discussions, maintain business continuity and help the nation to overcome from the economic disaster which is happening currently due to this Coronavirus.